Retro Diffusion Extension for Aseprite

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Rapid designing with AI

Create, change, and refine artwork in seconds.

What is Retro Diffusion?

This extension for the popular pixel art software Aseprite allows AI image generation from inside Aseprite. It also adds advanced features like smart color reduction, and text guided palette creation. In combination with the state of the art pixel model, you can design incredible pixel art pieces in record time.

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One-time payment

No subscriptions and no credits required, just a flat upfront price. Don't worry about adding another monthly charge to the already way too long list.

Pay once, and get updates and support for no additional cost. How products should be.

Custom pixel art AI model

Retro Diffusion comes with its own pixel art model, which returns results astronomically better than any competing model or AI. If you have tried to get Dall-e 2, Stable Diffusion, or even Midjourney to create accurate pixel art before, you know that they just don't get it. 

The best part is, this model has been trained on licensed assets from Astropulse and other pixel artists with their consent.

Select the pixel art model and watch as near perfect pixel art is made in seconds!

Check out my site for more images!

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Consistency at any size

No matter what size or aspect ratio you're generating at, get consistent and creative results!

Convert any image to pixel art

Using the "Neural Pixelate" tool, easily turn images into pixel art versions with style accurate colors, or choose to keep the original colors!

Dalle-3 generated image converted to pixel-perfect pixel art

Transform your art

Traditionally, resizing pixel art doesn't produce good results, as it either destroys detail when downscaling, or makes the image blurry or blocky when upscaling. "Neural Resize" allows you to change the size of pixel art image and generate entirely new details.

You can also use "Neural Detail" to add higher levels of detail to simple pixel art designs.

Control Generations

Using a unique pipeline, Retro Diffusion allows you to control lighting, colors, and other image features from an ultra-simple interface.

These settings are applied in-generation, not as post processing effects. This allows the images to change and adapt to the color and lighting conditions.

Minecraft assets

Several models have been developed specifically for Minecraft style assets, making developing good looking mods and resource packs easier than ever!

All these assets took under an hour to create, with most of the time spent generating images.

Additionally, if you enable the "Tiling" modifier, you can create beautiful seamless block textures in record time.

I also have a great tool for Aseprite that lets you see a freely rotating 3D block in your editor window:

Game items

Generate creative and interesting game assets just by describing them, no more need for dreaded 'programmer art.'


Using the Palettize feature, you can easily reduce the number of colors in an image, or change the colors entirely in just a couple clicks.

Built in styles

Retro Diffusion has different pixel art styles available at the click of a button. In addition to the "Game item" and "Tiling" modifiers there are:



Flat shading


Game Consoles

Including NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NeoGeo, and PlayStation styles.

These modifiers can even be applied at different strengths to achieve different styles!

Pixel Art Background Removal

Quickly and easily remove backgrounds in one click.

Feature chart

This chart outlines the differences between the full version ($65) and the "Lite" version ($20). Both versions are excellent for pixel art image generation, and come with advanced tools for cleaning up and editing pixel art.


Ensure you have the latest version of Aseprite.

On setup, please make sure to read through the installation instructions thoroughly, and that you are connected to a stable wifi network (mobile hotspots will not work).

Refer to the chart below for exact compatibility information:

Learn more about your hardware and if you meet the requirements here:

System Compatibility

Don't meet the hardware requirements? Use the website and don't worry about putting strain on your own computer!

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* Linux support is not guaranteed. The number of distros, environments, and the commonality of user system modifications makes assured support next to impossible. Retro Diffusion has been tested on stock Ubuntu, Mint, and Fedora. Customized versions of these distros may not be supported. If you have any issues with compatibility on Linux be sure to contact me directly via Discord.

NOTE: The first generation will take a while, as it may need to install additional models.

Performance statistics


Nvidia GTX 1050 TI: 64x64 at quality 5 in 2.5 minutes.
Nvidia GTX 960: 64x64 at quality 5 in 2 minutes.
Nvidia GTX 1660 Super: 64x64 at quality 5 in 2 minutes.
Nvidia RTX 3060: 64x64 at quality 5 in 5 seconds.
Nvidia RTX 3090: 64x64 at quality 5 in <2 seconds.

Radeon RX 6650 XT: 64x64 at quality 5 in 1 minute 50 seconds.

Mac M1 Pro 64gb: 64x64 at quality 5 in 26 seconds.
Mac M2 Air 16gb: 64x64 at quality 5 in 50 seconds.


Intel i5-8300H: 64x64 at quality 5 in 10 minutes.
Ryzen 2600X: 64x64 at quality 5 in 10 minutes.
Intel i7-1065G7: 64x64 at quality 5 in 5 minutes.
Ryzen 5800X: 64x64 at quality 5 in <4 minutes.

Aseprite not for you?

Check out the standalone models!

Buy just the Models

These models are ALSO included with the Aseprite extension!

Check out the image generation website!

Generate in the Cloud

Future versions

Any future versions or patches of Retro Diffusion will be given to previous buyers at no additional cost. Make sure to check your email for new versions!

The current version is 12.0.0.

Previews and updates

The best place to go for any information on the current state of Retro Diffusion, or previews of upcoming content is my Twitter profile:

Contact information

The best place to reach me is by joining the Retro Diffusion Discord server!

Join Retro Diffusion Discord

Alternatively, use the contact form on my website.


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After purchasing, unzip the file and open "README.txt" for installation instructions. Please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for running Aseprite Diffusion.

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Retro Diffusion Extension for Aseprite

201 ratings
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