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K-Centroid Downscale - Aseprite Extension

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What is this?

K-Centroid is a novel downscaling algorithm designed to keep images close to the original, while also reducing noise and blur.

It uses K-Means to find the most common color for every tile of the downscaled image, producing detailed images at low resolution, without introducing the noise and artifacts of other methods.

Navigate to "Sprite" -> "K-Centroid Resize" to open the main window.

This extension is entirely written in lua, so depending on the settings you use it may take several seconds to downscale an image. I'm working on performance improvements, but I'm not an efficiency expert. If you'd like to help make it faster, please contribute here:


Original, Nearest Neighbor, K-Centroid

Original, Traditional Bilinear, Nearest Neighbor, K-Centroid

Other stuff

For more 3D pixel art stuff, check out my Blender to Pixels product. I'm also the creator of Aseprite's largest extension, Retro Diffusion, which brings AI tools built for artists to the famous pixel art editor.

Contact information

The best place to reach me is by joining the Retro Diffusion Discord server:

Alternatively, use the contact form on my website:

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K-Centroid Downscale - Aseprite Extension

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