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Retro Diffusion Credits

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Rapid designing with AI

Create artwork in seconds.

What is Retro Diffusion?

Retro Diffusion ( is a set of specifically trained AI models designed to create high quality pixel art assets in a variety of styles and sizes. Easily accessible via the website, Retro Diffusion can be used to bring ideas to life and iterate on them at light-speed, from inspiration to finished artworks. Sign up and get 20 free credits to play around with!

Each credit generates an image up to 97x97 pixels, with cost scaling up with size.

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Custom pixel art AI model

Retro Diffusion is built with its own pixel art model, which returns results astronomically better than any competing model or AI. If you have tried to get Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, or even Midjourney to create accurate pixel art before, you know that they just don't get it. 

The best part is, this model has been trained on licensed assets from Astropulse and other pixel artists with their consent.

Type a prompt and watch as near perfect pixel art is made in seconds!

Check out my site for more images!

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Minecraft assets

Several models have been developed specifically for Minecraft style assets, making developing good looking mods and resource packs easier than ever!

All these assets took under an hour to create, with most of the time spent generating images.

Additionally, if you enable the "Tiling" style, you can create beautiful seamless block textures in record time.

Game items

Generate creative and interesting game assets just by describing them, no more need for dreaded 'programmer art.'

Built in styles

Retro Diffusion has different pixel art styles available at the click of a button. In addition to the "Game item" and "Tiling" styles there are:



Flat shading


These styles can even be applied at different strengths to achieve different looks!

Cloud computing and credits not for you?

Check out the 100% local Aseprite extension!

Retro Diffusion Extension for Aseprite

Previews and updates

The best place to go for any information on the current state of Retro Diffusion, or previews of upcoming content is my Twitter profile:

Contact information

The best place to reach me is by joining the Retro Diffusion Discord server!

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Alternatively, use the contact form on my website.


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Purchased credits cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged.
Credits cannot be transferred between accounts, or to other services.

Any available discounts or changes in price may be applied only at the time of purchase and will not be retroactive.

Last updated Oct 7, 2023

Credits can be used at to generate images. To redeem, follow the instructions in the product content page. Each credit generates an image up to 97x97 pixels, with cost scaling up with size.


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Retro Diffusion Credits

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