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Retro Diffusion Model

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Retro Diffusion Pixel Art Model

A modified version of the pixel art model component of Retro Diffusion Extension for Aseprite designed for use with other AI systems. (Automatic1111, InvokeAI, + other Stable Diffusion compatible systems)

Simply ask for pixel art in your prompt, and get incredible high quality pixel art styled generations!

If you're using Automatic1111 webui, you can also install the Palettize extension to clean up images!

Want to generate pixel art in the cloud?

Check out the Retro Diffusion website for fast image generation with tons of customizable styles!

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Future versions

Any future versions of the model will be given to previous buyers at no additional cost. Make sure to check your email for new versions!

Previews and updates

The best place to go for any information on the current state of Retro Diffusion, or previews of upcoming content is my Twitter profile:

Contact information

The best place to reach me is by joining the Retro Diffusion Discord server:

Alternatively, use the contact form on my website:

If you are interested in pixel art don't forget to check out my other products!

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Model files are fully compatible with most Stable Diffusion 1.5 based generators. (Automatic1111 webui, InvokeAI, etc)


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Retro Diffusion Model

11 ratings
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